Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey guys!

Sorry for not making a blog for a long time.

I was in New York for a few days with Artsy...which was awesome!

Suprisingly it was really cold there...

I packed shorts and spaghetti straps only. :(

These are the stuff we did:

1. Rode the boat called, Maid of the Mist.

2. Watched a movie about Niagara Falls.

3. Rode a trolley, the tour person had a really wierd voice!!!

4. Went to cave of the winds.

5. Went to souvenier shops!

6. Order room service

7. and finally swim!


  1. I love Niagra falls!
    I go there A LOT!

  2. cool!!! my favorite part was the cave of the winds!!! it was so fun!!!!!!

  3. Yeah... that's cool
    going on the maid of the mist is kinda scary though!

  4. i know!! everytime i wud walk on the maid of the mist i wud trip.


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