Thursday, March 19, 2009

What The Heck!

So on Tuesday, I was watching American Idol and when Adam Lambert performed "Ring of Fire", I started cracking up! I mean with the outfit, it was way too much! It sounds like something you would hear on a scary movie. It was horrible! Yet entertaining. And on Wednesday when Michael said what his daughter said, you know, "Daddy why don't you wanna be with me anymore." That was so sad! And it was a shocker when Alexis got eliminated! Anyways, I dont wanna be mean to Adam Lambert's fans. so BYe!


"Live, Love, Laugh"

Heroes Fans!

Hey! So, Just to let ppl know I am a fan of Heroes. For you people who don't know about Heroes it's a show with people that find out that they have extraordinary abilities, like Flight, Telekinisis, and more! So i've heard canceling rumors and I DON'T want that to happen so this are some stuff you can do to help the Heroes. Oh and Heroes show on Monday on 8 to 9 pm.!

ok, then.
  1. We can mail NBC letters letting them know that we LOVE Heroes. The address is: 100 Universal City Plaza or Universal City, CA 91608. If it's wrong please inform me.
  2. Join the facebook, if you have one! Help them spread the word of saving Heroes. Here's the facebook:
  3. Thats all!!!!!!!!


"Live, Love, Laugh"

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oh and the pic has nothing to do with it!
So, on friday, oh and just to say it's spring break for artsy alligator, bananabug, and me! Anyways, back to the topic, on friday, at lunch Banana bug found a pickle on the floor an she picked it up and flicked to artsy alligator! It was so funny we just kept on flicking to everyone! Anyways, since it's spring break I guess i'll be posting lots of stuff on here! Yeah! I don't have to wake up early anymore!



"Live, Love, Laugh"

Saturday, March 07, 2009


So, my puppy that I got from Christmas, turned 7 months this March 2nd, I think. But he is so cute!!!! His name is Shoti pronounced Sho ti not Shorty, not sholti or anything! But this morning he opened hiscage by himself then went in then he closedit again, IT WAS SO CUTE! anyways bye!