Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bug Bites....

Don't you just hate bug bites?
Well weather if you like it or not,
i'm going to be ranting about bug bites!!
I know what you might ask,
BUG BITES? Yes it is a wierd topic.
But I have nothing else to write about so, please, if you have any idea, tell me!
Bug bites
I hate bug bites.
They make you all itchy, and red.
For those people who are stupid enough
to keep on scratching them ( like me..yes i know I called myself stupid)
Well you know what will happen?
That's right!
it's going to turn into a bubble, filled with puss and some kind of water.
Well that's what happen to Artsy.
Well one day, Artsy, My sister, My uncle, Artsy's brother, and me
played baseball outside.
I was the catcher.
I had to go on the grass.
And every time my uncle threw it to low,
it would go pass me and I would fall (Yes, i'm a klutz)
And then well this is kinda off topic,
but my uncle threw the ball and it bounced off my glove
and hit my nose. (IT HURTS)
Anyways, when we got inside my leg was all red!
I tried putting water on it, NOT a good idea!
it started to sting!
So I started to scratch it for a "while".
And then it started to go into a bubble!
Did I tell you I like to pick at scars?
So I started to pick at it and puss, water, and blood came out!
So NEVER scratch a bug bite!
(Sorry for being off topic at the end)


  1. I know!!! it took me 30 mins. to write becuase I kept on having breaks for food.


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