Thursday, May 07, 2009

Part 3, I think....

Hey guys!

So, a few posts ago I posted a 'Mean Teacher Part 2'.

Well guess what, today i'm going to be posting part 3!!!!


I'm beginning to think that the mean teacher LIKES me!

Here is on of my theory:

One time she was in a BAD mood, (NOT A SHOCKER!)

and she told EVERYONE to go sit down. And then

when I was about to go away, she said to me,

"What do you need, Sugar?"

Then a few seconds after that,

another one of my classmate went up to her,

and she said,

"I said SIT DOWN!"


What do you think?


  1. Who does she actually like?
    NOt you.
    Definitely not you.
    No way.
    Not You.
    Just Saying.

  2. She likes me. And today when I needed help on one of the math problems, I went in line and there were like 4 other ppl, and she said everyone on their seats. So when I was in my seat she said to me, "What did you need, Honey?".
    Then she helped me. And she also says "honey" "sugar" "sweetie" WAY TOO MUCH!

  3. i hate her :P i cant believe she calls us SUGER!! and make all the other ppl she hates sit down, he weird. at least the year is almost up!! :)


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