Sunday, April 26, 2009

Howie Do It....

Hey do you guys watch 'Howie Do It'?
Well I do!
It is Hilarious!!!!
One of the episodes is there was this girl who tried out for this play,
called 'Krahanahana Mananan'
or something like that.
And they made her wear clogs. (Clogs are made out of wood)
They made her act the play and say the title.
And Howie Mandell was disguised as Larry.
And they placed Larry a third of a mile away,
and they would make the girl walk back and forth with the clogs,
it was hilarious!
'Larry' also made her sing Amazing Grace.
But he told her to replace 'Grace' with Krahanahana Mananan.
Then he reaveled himself at the end!!
You should watch it!
It's on NBC every Friday 9/8c


  1. I watch Howie Do It!!! It's so awesome!!!! That's my favorite show, I think!

  2. I watch it also! I like it but I don't watch it all the time though.

  3. Howie do it rocks!!!!!!!


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