Thursday, April 09, 2009


My puppy turned 8 months old on April 2nd!!!! He's going to be 1 year old on August 2nd!!!!! Can't wait! I think i'm going to throw a party for Shoti, my puppy.


  1. hey its bananabug. April Second is my bday too.......have a great Easter see you at school

  2. I dont understand the comment you sent me..... So artsy figured out who it was? WHO???? Well it wasn't me!
    I also have a sneaky feeling that who posted that comment was someone i would never expect, like my mom or dad! My mom keeps telling me to stop blogging about that, and I think it might be because shes trying to cover up the fact that she posted that comment, maybe. Do you have a comment issue too? Well this is probably a wrong guess, but ya know how i told (i will spell her name backwards.) enyaL about our websites? WEll maybe it was her. But shes not like that so thats gues is probaly wrong. Anyway, sorry about how long this is, but I needed to catch you up on my thoughts. Have a blessed Easter and tell Artsy that I said that to her too. See you at school. Bye.

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