Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heroes Fans!

Hey! So, Just to let ppl know I am a fan of Heroes. For you people who don't know about Heroes it's a show with people that find out that they have extraordinary abilities, like Flight, Telekinisis, and more! So i've heard canceling rumors and I DON'T want that to happen so this are some stuff you can do to help the Heroes. Oh and Heroes show on Monday on 8 to 9 pm.!

ok, then.
  1. We can mail NBC letters letting them know that we LOVE Heroes. The address is: 100 Universal City Plaza or Universal City, CA 91608. If it's wrong please inform me.
  2. Join the facebook, if you have one! Help them spread the word of saving Heroes. Here's the facebook:
  3. Thats all!!!!!!!!


"Live, Love, Laugh"


  1. Hey its banana bug and I finally saw twilight but actually theyve already for decided to be canceled so sorry ps you spelled sign wrong haha

  2. No, they haven't canceled yet. They're going to have a season 4 but MAYBE a season 5 so i'm still hoping for a season 5. And ummm YOu knew about Heroes???


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